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You may not:

(i) use the Images in any way that might be deemed defamatory, libelous, pornographic, or obscene.

(ii) You MAY NOT use the images to create your own photo gallery web site.

(iii) You MAY NOT use our low resolution images for resale purposes (eg. Postcard, Cup, Mousepad, Apparel or any other stationery items).

The following table shows the usage restriction of low resolution Sunipix images.

Presentation (PowerPoint)Free
PostcardNot free (inquire)
Cups, Mousepad, StationeryNot free (inquire)
Clothing (Apparel)Not free (inquire)


(a) You shall indemnify and hold us harmless against all claims, loss, damage, proceedings or costs with respect to Images that have been reproduced without effective rights, model releases, permissions or consents.

(b) You agree to indemnify and hold harmless SUNIPIX against all claims, demands, costs, damages and related expenses, whether foreseeable or not, arising directly or indirectly in respect of any claims that the Reproduction of any Image provided to you by us infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party. For the purposes of this clause, the term “Intellectual Property Rights” shall include: copyright, database right, patents, registered designs, trademarks and service marks (whether registered or not), design right, and all similar property rights including those subsisting in any part of the world in drawings, software inventions and confidential information.

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Let the picture appear on the screen.
Place the cursor over the image and click the right mouse button.
Select Save Image As (Netscape) or Save Picture As (Microsoft Internet Explorer) and select an area of your hard disc to save too.
You can then resize / crop the image using your image manipulation software.

For Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, place the cursor over the image and click the right mouse button, copy the image and paste it into the new PowerPoint template and drag the edges of the photo to enlarge image.

For Mac OS x
Select the Finder by either clicking on the Desktop or the Finder icon in the Dock.
Click and hold over the word ‘Finder’ in the menu bar next to the Apple Menu icon.
Roll over ‘Finder Preferences’ in the drop-down then let go of the mouse button.
A panel will appear. Click on the ‘Select Picture’ button.
Using the filing system window, find your downloaded picture and select it by click on it then click ‘OK’.
Close the ‘Finder Preferences’ window.

How to acknowledge our images?

Photo courtesy: and/or linking back to our website by giving credit and supporting the sunipix website for any pictures you used on your website or alongside any commercial or non-commercial printed use.

May I use Sunipix logos?

You may use Sunipix logos only to acknowledge our images in movies, television broadcasting, publishing or to acknowledge our images in web designs.

How to buy high resolution SUNIPIX images?

We provide your favorite images in high resolution format (12×8-approximate size) (300DPI) (JPEG/TIFF) (non-exclusive images) (we do not provide high resolution images of paintings from 1940-present). You can purchase our images for resale purposes (license valid for 3 years).

Price: $20.00 per image per year (1-1000 printed copies)

$30.00 per image per year (1001-10000 printed copies)

$50.00 per image per year (10001-300000 printed copies)

$75.00 per image per year (300001-500000 printed copies)

$100.00 per image per year (500001-1000000 printed copies)

You may send the payment through PayPal (

Kindly contact us by e-mail ( for more information.

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